Cupcake Queen Necklace Giveaway

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10 very lucky ATC readers will win one of these Cupcake Queen Necklaces. All you have to do is visit Lulu’s Fashion Lounge, have a look around, come back to ATC and tell us which of their items you liked by leaving a comment to this post. It’s that easy! will choose the 10 lucky winners on Monday February 16th.  One comment per person. Multiple comments will be deleted. Good luck cupcakes!

I would like to say “Thank you” to Lulu’s for donating these 10 wonderful necklaces as prizes.

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64 Responses to Cupcake Queen Necklace Giveaway

  1. Two Parts Sugar

    Being that we are in the cupcake business, I’m going to have to say all of the cupcakes stuff was super cute…..necklace was my fave!

  2. Jaelyn

    I like the “Zad Silver Dahlia Cut Out Cuff”.

  3. Jill

    I love looking at the site, The jewelry is just beautiful! I want it all! :)
    My daughter and I love cuppy-cake stuff.

  4. Nichole

    I love the cupcake ring! I really love the sunglasses, they are so fun, oh and some of the belts are cool too!

  5. Laura

    I love ALL the jewelry !!! Seriously , EVERY single item of jewelry . . .

  6. Kira Adams

    I liked the Zad Daphne Floral Cuff in Gold, Prim Satin Bow Headband, and Wrist Candy Charm Bracelet. Such a cute store!

  7. Michelle

    I love this store, I found a half-dozen “must-haves” already!

    Number one on the list is the Ezekiel Modern Garden in Purple and Green Themal Tee, even though winter is almost over, I really like the design and colors..looks fantastic with jeans.

  8. Lael Nafziger

    Totally LOVED the cute tops! The ones with big chunky buttons were the most appealing- but I also really liked the camisole ones for summer!

  9. Candace R

    I love the cupcake delight coin purse. It’s so cute!

  10. Miss Tiffie

    OMG! That necklace is sooo adorable!!!

    I’ve gotten into headbands recently in the past few months and I love the Black Bow Doubled Up Headband!!! Along with the Pleated Rose Headband!!!…

    The Zad My Love is Written Necklace is soooo cute along with all the cupcake stuff (of COURSE!!!)

  11. Jennifer

    I love the cupcake coin purse…what an adorable website!

  12. Tristine

    The San Francisco Coat in Gray was so cute and stylish! Must make my birthday list!

  13. Amanda

    I love the Carmie Tank Top in Blue Paisley, and the Yum YUm Cupcakes Tee. They have a lot of cute stuff though!

  14. Mandi Candy

    OMG i want the “In The Spotlight Mini Dress in Aqua by Ruby Rox”
    I even love the black one.
    What an awesome shop! I faved it to my computer!

  15. Mindee

    Heartistry Crochet Tank Top in Teal
    Simple but detailed. : )

  16. Amanda Leigh

    Oh I adore the cupcake necklace and ring. And I think I’m going to HAVE to order the varela dress in blush. It’s stunning.

  17. Jennifer Wilmoth

    besides the cupcake items.. i really like the necklace with the heart keys.

  18. Linda Hum

    I’m actually addicted to interesting totes right now and they have some great ones here. But my favourite thing on the site was the Aryn K Lovely Day Embroidered Top. Really cute for the summer!

  19. Cheryl

    Its a tie between the Lacy Daisy Dress in Vanilla & the Yum Yum Cupcake Tee in Brown. I love them both!

  20. Amanda

    The zad my love is written necklace in gold is gorgeous. Very pretty!

  21. deede

    Love the cupcake ring, and several of the handbags, scarves and earrings. First time to visit that site; I’ve bookmarked it now!

  22. Mandee wheelus

    I LOVE a ton of stuff on there! But what stood out to me is the Ivory Petal Ring

  23. Audrey

    I love the rhinestone bow necklace and the star cutout ring!

  24. Dianne

    I most definitely love the dresses and accessories! It’s so versatile! :) Oh most definitely… the cupcakes. I love anything with cupcakes – there just so adorable and girly!

  25. Laura Mirrell

    I have loved lulus for a long time, everything they have is great! i love their cameo rings and all their bags, especially the hunter green asymmetric bag.

  26. Nicolle Boswell

    I totally love the Flying Solo Handbag in Ash Grey…super cute…all the purses are sooooo calling out my name!!!

  27. Amy

    Sienna Rose Ring
    Curious Koi Fish Earrings
    Blowfish Hardwork Black Tie Dye Canvas Bootie
    Soda Output Gold Daisy Cut Out Flat

  28. Alex

    Oh, I just love the Esley Alynn Dress in Khaki and Chocolate. Soo classy and gorgeous.

  29. tammigirl

    The Pride and Prejudice Cameo Necklace is my #1. There are quite a few pieces I’d like to have and the prices are great!

  30. stacy d

    Wow, there are so many cute items on that site I think that the Suzie Home Maker dress & Varela Dress are my favorites.

  31. Kelly

    Cute necklace! How many cupcake necklaces can a girl where before she’s officially got a Mr. T starter kit?

  32. Lisa

    I’m all about the cupcakes…especially the Cupcake Delight coin purse>/a>. I love it!

  33. jade

    I am in love with the Betty Boop Black and White Dress ^_^ and ALLLLLL of the shoes. *favorites the lulu’s site*

  34. Lauren

    Love this wrap dress: Siren’s Net Wrap Around Dress by Collective Concepts

    So cute!

  35. Ryann

    really cute shop! I like the accessories best – the pop culture bracelets in multi and the wings of spring earrings are my favorites :)

  36. Scary Mommy

    I love the cupcake coin purse— everything is crazy cute!!

  37. Bliss

    I love shoes and paisley so the Not Rated Pin Wheel Teal Green Floral T Strap Heel is what I love the best

  38. Colleen

    Obviously I LOVED the cupcake items, the coinpurse was really cute.

    I also really like the Delicious Maybe Purple Patent with Bow Peep Toe Pump as well as the Restricted Tweed Bronze Lace Up Coated Canvas Sandal, but really? aren’t all shoes great? ^_^

  39. jimaiemarie

    omg *droooool* The SHOES on that site!!! I want so manyyyy!! I love the Jeffrey Campbell flats! I’ve never heard of him before!

  40. Heather Patterson

    Wow definitely love everything. Very much my style, my favorite thing besides the cupcake jewlery I seen was the Ruby Eyed Owl Ring in Gold….I love owls and that ring just stands out so well!

  41. Kim

    Love the Easter Island Babydoll dress at Lulu’s site. Love ATC! :D

  42. Heaven

    I absoutley love the Rhinestone Key To My Heart Necklace. It is so beautiful with a great price! I might have to go pick it up! :-D

  43. emily

    i really liked the Coiled Mitchell Handbag in Black

  44. Jean D.

    Lulu’s Fashion Lounge’s “Blowfish Quizz Dark Buttercalf Leather Mary Jane” shoes, in both brown and black, look so soft and comfy. I love the combo of comfort and stylishness.

    And cupcakes! My kind of giveaway. Thanks!

  45. tammy brodbeck

    I love the blowfish quinn in dark brown shoes. they look so comfortable. I also like the cupcake coin purse, but really Im here-that’s a given :)

  46. Tania

    I really loved the sunglasses. And there were many many tops that I loved! Going back to check them out some more!!

  47. nancy

    Purple patent leather high heels with a bow…helloooo cute girl!

  48. Tamey

    I have the cupcake coin purse from there and i adore it. Love all of the cupcake items. The necklace offered here for this contest is a good deal at Lulu’s.They carry very cute items.

    My favorite thing i saw while browsing around was
    the Warren Cardigan in Yellow. I like the yellow and gray together. :]

  49. Susie

    Blowfish Quizz Black Buttercalf Leather Mary…

    I love love love … those! Also, the cupcake stuff rocks!!!!

  50. Summer

    wow their jewelry is very earthy and very pretty. The price tag for the jewelry is not bad either…..
    I think I liked the Crystal Link earrings the best

  51. Mona

    Blowfish Furgie Chocolate Leather Buckle Boot

    I always go straight for the shoes!

  52. RockerJewlz

    I actually like the prize necklace the best!

  53. Sally

    Great site. So much to choose from. Especially like the cupcake items, the coin purse and Yum Yum Cupcake Tee.

  54. jessica

    The cupcake stuff and the Delicious Maybe Purple Patent with Bow Peep Toe Pump shoes look great to me!

  55. GreenEyedLillies

    RANDOM.ORG chose the following 10 numbers from 1 to 54.
    Congrats to the winners…

    #35 Ryann
    #45 tammy brodbeck
    #53 Sally
    #14 Mandi Candy
    #28 Alex
    #17 Jennifer Wilmoth
    #31 Kelly
    #8 Lael Nafziger
    #20 Amanda
    #23 Audrey

    Please email us at ATC(
    so that we may contact Lulu’s with your shipping info. Thanks! ;)

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  57. Erin

    i loved the handbags,, if i wasnt broke… and the cupcake stuff is the cutest

  58. GreenEyedLillies

    I just wanted to add my favs…
    -Time To Shine Dress in Fuschia
    -Wendy Darling Dress in Teal
    -Wendy Darling Dress in Steel
    -Delicious Maybe Purple Patent with Bow Peep Toe Pump
    -Guitar Star Rhinestone Necklace in Silver
    -Zad Love Swallow Necklace in Silver

    And of course all of the cupcake stuff!

  59. Dani Rowland

    long live cupcakes!!

  60. Delane Rineer

    Obey Death Disco Baseball Tee in White

  61. Jessica Morgan

    I personally have three favorites:
    Ice Cream Bar Earrings
    My Little Cupcake Earrings
    And the Zad Love Swallow Necklace

  62. Julie Chavez

    I LOVE THE Maybe So Necklace For only $13.00 b/c it looks just like a shoestring tied around the neck as a necklace. SOOOO UNIQUE. I’ll deff. be back to purchase this!

  63. jonathan Chavez

    i like the bebop robot necklace, my wife would like it

  64. Pinwheel Tie Dye Cami

    […] Cupcake Queen Necklace Giveaway | All Things Cupcake Sienna Rose Ring Curious Koi Fish Earrings Blowfish Hardwork Black Tie Dye Canvas Bootie Soda Output Gold Daisy Cut Out Flat. Alex February 13th, 2009 at 22:40 am. Oh, I just love the Esley Alynn Dress in Khaki and Chocolate. Soo classy and gorgeous. I love shoes and paisley so the Not Rated Pin Wheel Teal Green Floral T Strap Heel is what I love the best. Colleen February 13th, 2009 at 22:40 pm. Obviously I LOVED the cupcake items, the coinpurse was really cute. […]

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