Can you guess who this is? **CONTEST**

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Today I thought I would bring about a cupcake trivia game.

With her blog being clicked on millions of times it should not take many true cupcake fans long  to figure it out! When you think you know who she is, in comments do not type her name, just a fact you can find out about her. If her name is typed in, that would pretty much VOID the contest.

On March 15th I will reveal who it is and get Jess the owner of this blog to randomly draw for a baking kit from my webstore. Valued at $50.00 retail.


Sound like fun? Oh yeah! Happy Baking and Good Cupcakin’ Luck ;o)

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95 Responses to Can you guess who this is? **CONTEST**

  1. Nicki Campi

    She recorded a cupcake song for her dad in 1994. Now she’s an actress.

  2. Laura C.

    was on Ally McBeal during the second and third season

  3. Cyndi

    She can speak many dialects including British, Southern, French, Russian, Italian, Brooklyn, and Valley Girl.

  4. christine turton

    She was born on 2 April 1990

  5. Nikki

    She was on an episode of Lizzie McGuire!

  6. Nichole

    She was home schooled

  7. Tristine

    She has also starred in The Norm Show and Providence.

  8. Josephine

    Favorite animal is the dolphin

  9. Ashley

    She’s been studying dance since she was 4 years old.

  10. Allie

    She danced and acted in an episode of “Malcolm in the Middle”.

  11. Tom

    Her height is 5′ 3½”.

  12. cuppy

    Her favourite singer is Jason Mraz.

  13. Michelle H.

    She starred in 40 episodes of the daytime soap Passions.

  14. Kira Adams

    Friends with “Zoey 101” star Erin Sanders.

  15. kate

    She has a youtube channel with Erin Sanders.

  16. Brittany

    She started studying acting at the age of 4.

  17. Jonathan

    She signed with her first manager and agent in the Fall of 1998.

  18. Lael

    She did an episode of the popular WB show “Summerland”

  19. Nadine

    her official site has this photo of her as well as a photo of her in a flower attire when she was 3

    what an adorable cupcake

  20. marika @ madcap cupcake

    She played Bonnie on an episode of “Oliver Beene”

  21. Nicole B

    She was featured in one episode of the TV show “Summerland”.

  22. Amanda

    She was born in Woodland Hills, California.

  23. Jamie Harrington

    She guest starred on Lizzie McGuire

  24. Heather

    Interviewed on the Tyra Banks Show in New York on January 20, 2009

  25. Sam

    In 2002 she won the young Artist award for her Lizzie McGuire role.

  26. Kirsty

    She was on the Ellen DeGeneres show on 12/8/2005.

  27. JP...

    My future wife!

  28. miriam

    her middle name is jessica!

  29. Lyns

    JP … that is quite funny

  30. j.cro

    She graduated from Columbia University in 1994.

  31. Lindsay

    Friends with “Zoey 101″(2005) star Erin Sanders.

    She also re-sang the song with an adorable kid on youtube…

  32. Colleen

    the cd with her song received reviews from Dave Kinnoin, children’s artist/songwriter for Disney and The Muppets.

  33. RockerJewlz

    She can speak with accents from 9 different dialects.

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  35. Jennifer

    Contrary to popular belief, she is the one who sang “You’re My Honeybunch”, also known as “Cuppycake”, one of her best-known songs, not Strawberry Shortcake, whose vocal role is played by Sarah Heinke.

  36. Charisse

    For one – she is GORGEOUS!!! But I guess that is not a fact so much as an opinion….

    She got her first acting job in November of 1998 after only five auditions!!!

  37. Amber

    She is learning to play the guitar.

  38. Cynthia

    She appeared on “Passions” from 2007-2008.

  39. Tanya

    She has a passion for editing.

  40. jennifer

    The name of the ablum The cupcake song is on is Balloons.

  41. Kim

    She played a beauty contestant in the film, “Happy, Texas.”

  42. Kim

    she is getting certified as an “apple pro.”

  43. Kim

    she was interviewed by Inside Edition on Feb. 4

  44. Kim

    Her video for “Can’t touch this” finaled in the the Hammer Time dance video competition.

  45. Lacey

    Some of her special skills include singing, dance (Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe) and gymnastics

  46. Lindsey

    She is a recurring guest on Radio Disney AM 1110

  47. Kate

    English was her favorite home school subject and she used to write out elaborate movie reviews.

  48. amy

    Her website says she was on Lamb Chop’s Play Along TV show as a kid.

  49. SAMMY 1

    in 2oo4 she recored her debut album

  50. Taylor

    The name of her song was called Cuppycake.

  51. Cassandra

    She was on eight episodes of Ally McBeal

  52. Carrye

    Might win a dance lesson with M.C. Hammer.

  53. Valerie

    she was homeschooled and english was her favorite subject :)

  54. Jen

    Her favorite animal is a dolphin!

  55. Elaura

    In 2002, she won a Young Artist Award for “Best Performance In A Comedy Series – Guest Starring Young Actress”

  56. Betsy

    She was on the Ellen Degeneres Show in 2005.

  57. TaylerJade

    She is the little girl who sang the song cuppycake

  58. Laura M.

    Sh eplayed Regan on Summerland in the 90s

  59. Gini

    She starred in the show Lizzie McGuire in which she won a 2002 Young Artist Award for her performance.

  60. Rebecca

    She renamed her song from cuppycake to You’re My Honeybunch and gave it to her daughter for valentines day…how cute is that?!?! ;op

  61. Rebecca

    ok sorry i left something out her mother changed the name she was the little girl who got it for valentines…either way i listened to her sing it so freakin adorable!!

  62. Alanna

    In 2002, she won a Young Artist Award for “Best Performance In A Comedy Series

  63. Jori

    She portrayed Viki on Passions from the Summer of 2007 until it ended in 2008. This was her largest role to date. She was in a total of 41 episodes.

  64. Dani

    she played the young ally mcbeal for 8 episodes from 1998-2000

  65. Kara

    Worked with Calista Flockhart and Lucy Lui on Ally McBeal.

  66. Heaven

    She was interviewed by Tyra Banks on january 30, 2009

  67. Caroline

    she was lead fairy in “Sound of Children at Christmas” by Doroty Barrett

  68. Leone

    The “duet” with Sam on Nov. 13, 2008 is precious.

  69. Melanie

    She sang the original version of “You’re My Honey Bunch” in 1994.

  70. Amanda Leigh

    Her name makes me think “princess”.

  71. TaraH

    She is an animal Lover!

  72. Jes

    She’s on youtube lip singing the cuppycake song. And she played young Ally McBeal.

  73. Mandy

    On Feb. 4, 2009, she was interviewed by Inside Edition in L.A.

  74. judy b

    She has guest starred on the Norm show also.

  75. shanshea

    she has appeared in 10 tv shows

  76. shanshea

    she performed in the wizard of oz

  77. shanshea

    trained in 5 types of dance (Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe)

  78. shanshea

    can use the following dialects: British, Southern, French, Russian, Italian, Brooklyn, and Valley Girl

  79. shanshea

    was recently on the tyra banks show

  80. shanshea

    she acts AND edits!

  81. Madalina

    Hard to find a fact that hasn’t been posted:p But she has been studying dance since she was 4!

  82. Nicole

    According to her resume, she is a recurring guest on radio disney!

  83. Karyn

    she was just 3 years old when her parents recorded the Balloon album on which she sings “You are my Honeybunch,” aka, the Cuppycake Song.

  84. twopartssugar

    She has a mmmeeeeaaannn MC Hammer rendition!

  85. Sarah (aka CountrySLChic)

    Her “U Can’t Touch This” video that she made with Erin Sanders is now a FINALIST in the Hammer Time Dance Contest on!

  86. StephanieSheikh

    She will turn 19 eighteen days after this contest ends.

  87. Kitty

    She started taking acting classes at 4 years old.

  88. mikelle

    she is almost as beautiful as my daughter

  89. Kari

    She played “Hayley” on an episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

  90. Allyson

    She is signed with Curtis Talent Management in Beverly Hills, CA.

  91. Jenny Sanborn

    Her favorite singer is Jason Mraz

  92. Dani

    Her Hammer Dance inspired me to break out my old school Hammer Dance for my husband.

  93. shannon

    She was on the LA Lakers cheerleading team from 2000 to 2003.

  94. Maureen

    She guested in the tv series Summerland that was on the CW.

  95. Kim

    She was homeschooled. My daughter loves her!

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