Rocky the Zombie Meets Cupcake

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Rocky the Zombie Meets Cupcake $20

Everybody loves cupcakes, even cute little zombies! This is an acrylic on canvas painting of the cute Rocky the zombie as he meets his first delicious cupake.

available at rockythezombie’s shop

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10 Responses to Rocky the Zombie Meets Cupcake

  1. Cakespy

    How cute! I love how bold and graphic this is!

  2. Lyns

    It is adorable, I agree. The cupcake is so magical! Love the lines and curves.

  3. Rocky

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much for featuring my painting!

    I love this site and never would have dreamed one of my little zombie’s would be featured!

    You’ve made my day :)

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  7. taylr

    wow ive drawn something very simalir to that a loong time ago. we’ve got the same taste. the cupcake looked like mineee//: and the lil dudes mouth. hes in al mmy cupcake pics. (:

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