Birthday Cupcake Bracelet

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Birthday Cupcake Bracelet

You can get this gorgeous bracelet with a number or without a number. Other color cupcakes are available. This can be made in any size!

 Don’t see the exact cupcake bracelet you are looking for? No problem. Custom orders are welcome. Bracelets not your thing? Again not a problem! You may prefer some of her Phone Charms, Necklaces, Bookmarks, or Purse/Diaper Bag Charms.

Available only at Sweetie Kai (Etsy), Sweetie Kai Designs (MySpace), and

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5 Responses to Birthday Cupcake Bracelet

  1. kathryn

    omg where can i buy this???

  2. GreenEyedLilles

    You can make a request for one at any of the three links at the bottom.

    Etsy, MySpace, or her website.

  3. Mandi

    Ill be sure to add this bracelet to my Etsy shop right now if anyone would like to make a purchase for it.

    Customers can always email me too!

  4. Tracey Polter

    This postjust isn’t opening up for me, I tried to e-mail you. Could you get back to me about this.

  5. Zina Acly

    Hi all, – discovered your current web site unintentionally whilst wandering round the internet this afternoon, and delighted that i did! I do like the layout and colors, but I really should mention that I’m having issues when it loads. I’m making use of Camino 1 browser for mac, and the footer would not lineup the right way. i am convinced I have made use of the exact same design on a client’s online site, but the menu seems Ok on mine. I suspect the error is with my browser & I reckon that it’s the perfect time to change for a better one!

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