Cupcake Pet Bed by Fluff

By on February 8th, 2009 . Filed under: Favorites, Pets .

I wish they made this for adults. I featured this back in January of 2008 but I just have to share this again. I LOVE THIS.

The Cupcake Pet Bed by Fluff. $85.00 but so worth it.

When it’s nap time your doggy will be in the lap of luxury in this ultra comfy bed.

Fluff is a line of super cute, and ultra sassy stuff created by artist, Claudette Barjoud. Her designs are inspired by an eclectic mix of vintage pinup, Art Nouveau, Mid Century Modernism and international ad graphics. The idea behind Fluff was to create fun frivolities that were sassy, cute and chic all rolled into one. Fluff is like a candy store with many flavors to suit every taste of sweet.

One size: 22″ Width / 12″ Height

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3 Responses to Cupcake Pet Bed by Fluff

  1. Carrie Sue

    Sweet, I have 3 dogs, I don’t know if I can afford 3 beds… maybe they can squish onto one :)

  2. CB

    that is too freaking cute! I wonder if my bunnies would sleep on it or try to eat it? haha.

  3. Tania

    Oh…if it was bigger I would be all over it! but Toby is 95 lbs – a biggie. I would need a jumbo cupcake bed!

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