Ashley’s Cupcake Costume

By on February 3rd, 2009 . Filed under: Holidays, Photos .


We received this photo and message from ATC Reader Ashley…

I made this costume for Halloween and it was a huge hit. Just wanted to share it for any other cupcake lovers looking for an idea. If you would like more photos please ask!

Thank you for sharing your cupcake costume with us! It’s awesome! ;)

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8 Responses to Ashley’s Cupcake Costume

  1. Lizzi

    What a great idea and she looks awesome in it!

  2. Rachel

    Ashley, LOVE the costume! Could you post more pics??

  3. April

    Love the costume, I’d like to make this for halloween…coudl you send more pictures?

  4. Rene

    Could you please tell me how the top of this costume was made? I am trying to make one for halloween and this one is adorable.

  5. jean

    Hi, I LOVE Your costume, it’s adorable. Could you please post more pics and how you made this. Thank you!

  6. Rachel

    Hi, I love your costume could you send me more pics please.I want to be a cupcake for halloween. Thank you!

  7. Sarah

    Hy, I’d like to see some more photos as well is if possible! I’d love to do something similar : ) Thanks!

  8. Christina

    I LOVE THIS! This is the exact vision I had for my Halloween costume. How did you make the tutu and top? It looks great! Could you send photos & directions? Thanks!

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