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(Pictured above…Pretty in Pink Cupcake Bear Plush by Paper Girl Productions, Sweetest Little Cupcake Name Bracelet by Sweetie Kai, Girls Child-Size Apron Set by The Diaper Bag Wrangler, Cupcake Cutie Soother Pacifier clip by Krafty Creations, Monogrammed Pink and Brown Dot Birthday Cupcake Onesie Tutu Set by avannabelbaby, and Yummy cupcake clippie by scrap-n-scribe)

I just wanted to share this post from the Muddy’s Bake Shop Blog

In 2007, large toy manufacturers who outsource their production to China etc, sold toys with high lead content, unsafe parts, and made from dangerous chemicals. In response, Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) , which among other things, mandates third-party testing and certification for all toys. This testing will be easy for large corporations who churn out thousands of each toy a year.

However, the way the current act is written, it puts most small toy-making businesses out of business. All the Etsy sellers, crafts fair artisans, etc in America would also have to pay the $300-$4,000 fee for third-party testing for EACH toy that they make. This makes the crafts-fair toymaker extinct while Mattel and Bratz prosper.

Please visit the Handmade Toy Alliance for more information, including a sample letter and a list of state representatives and their contact information:

You can also sign the Handmade Toy Alliance petition here:

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5 Responses to Handmade Toys & More affected by new law

  1. rkdsign88

    Those are beautiful crafts. I hope, they can come out with wise solution, so we can still see these lovely items :)

  2. Ashley

    Please read the actual law, not the hearsay. It doesn’t apply to artisans on etsy.

  3. Steph

    Yes, like Ashley said, PLEASE go and read the actual documents! This is an *Industry* standard. All of those things people have made you listed as examples will be just fine because they would have bought those supplies from a manufacturer, reseller or importer who already would have had to take care of those fees (which are always different every time I read a new take on this) and the testing.


  4. Steph

    Also, if it’s for each toy made, wouldn’t you think that toys would have to go up at least 1000% in order to cover the costs of testing? Even if Mattel were to pay even just $50 for every Barbie made, they would hemorrhage money so fast they’d be gone faster than Linen’s and Things.

  5. Jessica @ scrapnscribe

    I just want to thank you for addressing this and for including us in your pictures! This law does apply to those on Etsy and will cause a lot of great companies to go out of business. Hopefully something will be done about this and small companies like ours won’t be shut down.

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