Barack Obama Cupcakes

By on January 18th, 2009 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

Just for fun we created election day cupcakes… next thing we knew requests and orders for Obama cupcakes were pouring in!

You’ve gotta love the fact that people are actually excited about a politician for once!
Barack Obama Cupcakes , originally uploaded by Trophy Cupcakes and Party.

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3 Responses to Barack Obama Cupcakes

  1. Joesph Delullo

    An individual self-sufficient speech for Cnn within the Television show. He still includes a truly difficult immigration plan. The master managed to graduate for the Harvard University. At this time he offers her 1 Airwaves Show. He could not similar to the particular U . s . leader.

  2. Sheryll Trimbach

    amazing stuff thanx:)

  3. Love Napps

    so far i dont see obama doing any better job with the economy than it has been when he picked up. US$ still at record low

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