Cupcake Stuff at Kohl’s

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Cupcake Stuff at Kohl’s

We received these photos and email from ATC Reader Tristine…

Love your site.  I am obsessed with finding cupcakes now and this is my first entry to you all!  I found these at Kohl’s department store. Photo 0341 is two dishtowels and 0373 are placemats.  They also has a table runner but I had to stop somewhere!  Thanks.

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8 Responses to Cupcake Stuff at Kohl’s

  1. Isabella

    I´ve saw your site yesterday, and I just love it!
    I´ve found it when I was looking for informations to a post at my blog about cupcakes.
    I´ve done some, and I wanted to show something about them, because they aren´t so famous here, in Brazil.
    I tried to show about them.
    Sorry, my English is awful, my first language is portuguese…
    So, I loved to know this amazing site!
    I´ll link you, can you link me?
    Kisses =*

  2. Sharon

    How cute! I love the tea towels… I wish they had stuff like that here in Australia :)

    Love your blog!

  3. Cupcake Princess

    How much were the placemats and towels from kohls??

  4. Crystal

    I really really really want both of these. I went to Kohl’s website and can’t find these particular ones. They have all the other valentine towels listed but not these. Are they in store only?

  5. GreenEyedLillies

    To answer your questions…

    I don’t know how much they were because my source did not include it with her photos.

    If they are not available online then they must only be available instore. If you do not have a Kohl’s near you or your store is sold out, try ebay.

  6. GreenEyedLillies

    I just did a search on ebay and found them…

  7. victoria medina

    when I went on this website I found a lot of cool stuff that I liked. Thanks a lot :) you guys are the best

  8. Jill

    I got the set of two towels for 5.99 plus tax. It was on sale this week. They have some really cute signs, I am going to purchase one but I refuse to pay full price at Kohls!

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