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We received this e-mail from Alba who has a question…

“I am from Barcelona, Spain. I read your blog
daily and thought maybe you could help me out with something:

I’m visiting London for three days in about two weeks and I’d like to know if there are stores where I could go buy Sugarpaste Decorating things, Sprinkles for my cupcakes, Cookie Cutters, and this sort of stuff. If you could give me some names or adresses that would be awsome!!

Thanx for your attention! And keep this blog as cute as it is!!! I
love it!!

Please leave a comment if you have any answers or solutions.

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5 Responses to Cupcake Help!

  1. Lyns

    You may contact me at for resources

  2. Anne

    You can get sprinkles from most food stores – Waitrose has a good range and Marks and Spencers do some cute pink sprinkles in their home cook range.

    Most department stores have a good kitchen range, including Debenhams which has a really cute range with cupcakes on!

    If you’re near Bromley or Brent Cross there is a store called Lakeland ( which does a huge range of cookware. If you’re near Greenwich theres a cupcake store called Daisy Bakes which sells cupcakes and lots of sprinkles, edible glitter, and other bits for making cupcakes. Jane Asher sells a large amount of sugar craft items – in her store in South Kensington. There are also some really nice cook shops in Angel/Islington!
    I used to live near this store – bit out of London about 1/2 hour on the train but has LOTS of stuff you may like! - this is of help.

  3. Isadora

    Hello Alba!
    In 2008 I had the oportunity to go to England and had a course about Sugarpaste there. I went do Squire’s School in Farnham, not so far from London itself. If you go to Waterloo station you can get a train to go there in half an our or so. They have a wonderful store that has anything you need. If you want to take a look on the website, this is it:
    I hope you like it! The place is really close to the train station and easy to find!

  4. Dimitra

    There is a chain of specialized stores, called divertimenti (check their locations in

    They have lots of different bakeware, cutters etc, I’m not sure of sugarcraft though. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look.


  5. Alba

    Thank you so much!!! All of you have been great help!! I’m sure I’ll find what I’m looking for now!! Thanx!! I’m sooo happy!!! Can’t wait to get to London… Love, Alba.

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