Cupcake stuff at Joanns Fabrics

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Cupcake stuff at Joanns Fabrics



We received these photos with an email from ATC Reader Brooke…

“Hey! Joann’s has some great Cupcake stuff on sale 25%

Cupcake Placemats $1.99
Cupcake plates $7.99
and cupcake bags, candles, and candies $.99-$9.99”

Thanks Brooke for the heads up. ;)

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5 Responses to Cupcake stuff at Joanns Fabrics

  1. Two Parts Sugar

    I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing I came across this post! I’m so there first thing tomorrow morning! Thanks for being on the lookout!

  2. Kira Adams

    Oh noes! Now I MUST go tomorrow!!!!

  3. Heather

    I went to the JoAnns Willowbrook in Houston, TX today and they didn’t have any of their Valentines cupcake stuff out. There were some other things in the discount bins though, I’ll email them to ATC. :)

  4. Robbie

    hey where can you get this stuff from

  5. Nurul Jannah

    Hello do you post to brunei? :)

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