Cupcake Plates Susan Winget “Celebrate” Collection

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Cupcake Plates Susan Winget “Celebrate” Collection 

Susan Winget for Cracker Barrell Cupcake Plates, Set of 2
Very HTF/Rare/Discontinued

I absolutly love these plates! They’re some of the cutest cupcake items I think I have ever come across.

These are perfect for the cupcake lover(s) in your life! The colors are beautiful along with the detailing. These are no longer available but still very much sought by cupcake collecters everywhere. Remember, Christmas is coming fast!

I also have a few other Susan Winget cupcake items available so check those out please. Get them before they’re all gone!

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3 Responses to Cupcake Plates Susan Winget “Celebrate” Collection

  1. Nicole

    Thanks again Kathy! I really appreciate it =)=)

  2. Erica B.

    I saw these same plates about a week ago at TJ Maxx.

  3. Jennifer

    I am looking for the Susan Winget Cupcake Night Light. Does anyone know where I can purchase it?

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