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This is TOO cute! From PILLOROO, The Cupcakes Caravan Pillow! This yummy pillow HIDES a cute 7 inch chef beanie bear. The BEST part?!  All the other goodies you can hide in its deep, hidden pouch–Hide a gift card, jewelry… whatever extra special present you have this year, giving it in a Pilloroo will make it more FUN!  The soft and cuddly pillow is 14 inch square with a 10 inch x 11 inch deep hidden pocket. Take a look at the Pilloroo website (pillow + kangaroo= pilloroo!) to see more fun! Leave a comment @ The Cupcakes Club and winner to be announced 12/10/08.

Good luck!

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5 Responses to PILLOROO Cupcakes Pillow GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Carolyn G

    I love the fancy frogs pillow.

  2. Terri S

    This pillow would be the perfect Christmas gift for my niece who loves all things cupcake. She even asked for cupcake converse shoes for Christmas. Would love to win the pillow for her!

  3. Melissa

    Oh, the cupcake pillow is just so yummy! That would be a perfect gift for a special cupcake. :)

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  5. Stacie

    Mackenzie (4yrs) adores her cupcake Pillaroo! (As a baker, I love the little bear!) She hides her “special” finds inside so that her brother can’t get them, like pretty rocks and fall leaves, lol. I love to see her get so excited when daddy gets home and she runs for her Pillaroo to show him her treasures! We will be bringing it with us wherever we travel to keep her PJs and teddy bear safe.

    I suppose my next favorite Pillaroo would be the trains, since my son (2yrs) is crazy about them!

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