Sugarplum Fairy Tree

By on December 1st, 2008 . Filed under: Holidays .

Sugarplum Fairy Tree photo and information is from The Brentwood Fun Times Guide

“…Our favorite tree of all was the Sugarplum Fairy tree (as we dubbed the candy coated creation)! Its pink, purple, and turquoise tones were so appealing to the kids!

We had trouble keeping their little hands off the artificial candy canes, gumdrop ornaments, and cupcakes with sprinkles. The giant lollipops make an eye-catching tree topper.”

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2 Responses to Sugarplum Fairy Tree

  1. Cakespy

    My kind of tree. :-)

  2. Sandi White

    I absolutley LOVE this tree!! It is soooo cute and even though you can’t see the tree (joking) because you have tons of ornaments… looks terrific! I am inspired and will be making a run to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to get all new decorations for my tree. Wish me LUCK :O

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