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Soap Silly’s very popular bubble bath cupcakes are in Parenting magazine for the December issue. I saw them on the “Best Gifts in a Pinch” page in the magazine. The article reads…

Nonfat Treats

Soap Silly Bubble Bath Cupcakes look good enough to eat, don’t they? But they are made to be tossed in a nice, warm tub for a soothing soak. ($6.50 each;”

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8 Responses to Soap Silly in Parenting Magazine

  1. Judy

    SoapSilly took my order, and my money before Christmas 2008 but I never received my order. They refuse to return my emails or phone calls, also refuse to ship my order or return my money. I would recomend you NEVER purchase from this merchant.

  2. Michele

    I placed an order in Jan 2009, Charged me and never shipped my order. They never returned any of my e-mails or phone calls. BEWARE!!!!

  3. Jennifer

    In a strange way I am so glad to see these posts about Soap Silly. I purchased from them in November of 08 and it is now February of 09. I have e-mailed them non-stop, filed a complaint with PayPal, and filed with the Better Business Bureau. Paypal ruled in my favor but was unable to refund my money because of “undisclosed reasons”. BBB try to contact Soap Silly twice and never got a response. My husband and I think Soap Silly is a complete scam. I wrote Parenting Magazine about them. I did get one response from SS saying they were out of an ingredient and my order was shipping out that day (Dec. 16). That was the first and only response I got from them. I sure wish there was some way to get my money back and get them off the web!!!

  4. Beth

    Saw them in Parenting magazine. Thought that it was a cool idea for christmas. How wrong I was!! This company is a complete and total scam!! Placed my order and they took my money sure enough and I never recived any product. This company is nothing but thiefs. Its been a year and dozens of un-answed e-mails, un-answed complaints to the BBB. No resolution yet. Parenting magazine should should not reccomend this company to its readers.
    Soap Silly is a fraud!!!

  5. Donna

    This company is a total fraud! They took my money and I received only a portion of my order, which arrived damaged. I sent back the damaged items to be replaced, and I have yet to hear back from them in regards to a refund!!!! Can’t someone do something to stop this from happening to consumers? I also reported them to BBB, but what good does it do if they are still in operation?

  6. Susan

    I placed an order with them 2/5 for my mother’s Valentine’s birthday. It never got there. I can’t find a phone/fax number for them anywhere at all. They have not responded to any of my emails. I called the credit card company but they haven’t (yet) put through the charge so I can’t start a dispute with them. What a scam is right! It sounded so great and I thought my mother would love them. How unfortunate! If the charge ever goes through, I will cancel it with credit card company and I advise you all to do the same. Tell them the product never arrived and you want your money back. You’ll get it.

  7. Ava

    Wow, I guess I’ve been lucky. I’ve placed multiple orders with this company in the past. I first found them in health magazine. The longest it took for me to receive an order was 5 weeks. That was my first order and I thought that was quite long. The other thing I experienced once was an item not included but I was refunded for it. I was told they were out. I have ordered other times as well and didn’t have any other problems. The cupcakes are amazing and I’ve even given them as gifts to my bff and my sister.

    I ordered when she reopened in October and received my order within 2 weeks. No problems there.

    BTW Susan, why complain if they never even charged your credit card? Didn’t you read on their blog they were closed for quite some time bc she was pregnant with a difficult recovery and they were building a new facility? Join their mailing list and you’d had seen that they closed in December of 2009 and reopened in October of this year.

  8. Ava

    I forgot one very important thing!

    Actually about 2 years ago, I was refunded on an order. I even still have the email:

    “Dear Ava,

    We apologize for not being able to complete your order at this time. Due to the increased press from our recent press release in Parenting magazine we are unable to process your order in a timely manner and have refunded your money rather then continue to hold your order in queue.

    Please accept this voucher code for 15% off your next order, valid beginning February 2009.

    We sincerely apologize for the incovenience this has caused you.



    Soap Silly Staff”

    Eek! just checked and it still works too! Woohoo!

    If I were any of you, I’d continue to contact soap silly. Hopefully if you haven’t you’ll find some sort of resolution.

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