Sprinkles Cupcake PakNak

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Sprinkles Cupcake PakNak® $3.99

PakNaks are fun soft rubbery 3-D decorations for kids (and adults too!) to personalize all of their stuff. Backpacks, lunchbags, headbands, computer bags, household items, the list is only limited by your imagination.

  • It’s not a pin – no need to puncture your stuff (like a backpack)
  • It’s not a sticker – it’s 3D and so much more than that
  • It’s not a patch – just stick and go; no sewing or ironing required

The best part? You can change your look by simply pulling off one design and sticking on a new one to create a whole new style.

It’s easy and fun to rip and stick with PakNaks.

“How does it work?” you may be asking. We use a super strong adhesive that sticks to all of the stuff in a kid’s life.

Available at PakNak®.

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  1. Donna Benson

    The Cupcakes Club is GIVING AWAY a set of FOUR PakNaks to THREE Cupcake members- ends 11/19/08!! Every Girl is A Cupcake at The Cupcakes Club!

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