Frosted Fakes

By on November 16th, 2008 . Filed under: Gifts, Holidays, Home Decor .

I’ve seen my fair share of fake cakes and cupcakes on Etsy and as much as I love fake food I’m never quite satisfied with my choices.

Until today, I should say. Take a look at these holiday selections from Frosted Fakes. Who knew a little plaster, glitter and paint could make my holiday so bright?

What does one do with fake cupcakes, you ask? Why, set them up on a cake stand so your kitchen is perma-Martha. Use them in the office as paper weights. Personally, I see these being used as props for pin up photos galore.

Some designs are already set up to hang on your tree while others are meant to sit on your holiday table. She even does cookies and donuts. (And I spotted a pot-themed cupcake I might need for my little brother.)

Perhaps the sweetest thing about these faux-cakes is the daily reminder that the only road to perfection is to be totally fake.

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