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I recently interviewed one of my favorite people, Donna from The Cupcakes Club. Some of you may remember that Donna donated some fantastic prizes to our Miss American Cupcake Contest a few months back.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself? (Name, location, occupation etc)
Hello everyone.
Hi Donna!
I live in Prescott, Arizona –about two hours north of Phoenix. I’m a small group reading teacher by day and The Cupcakes Club founder by night.
2. How popular are cupcakes in Arizona?
Sprinkles just came to Scottsdale and a few other cupcake bakeries opened up last year in the Phoenix area. If you have a craving for a cupcake…you’ll be able to find a sweet treat to eat.
3. When did you start working on The Cupcakes Club?
The idea came to me in early 2007. I began writing the books that summer (the teaching gig really pays off then with a two month break!) and the website began to take shape in the fall . The first book was published  and we launched the website in the summer of 2008 (a LONG process)
4. How do you come up with the idea for the books?
Working at an elementary school I get inspiration EVERY day. Something that a child says or an event that takes place…my mind tends to build upon that and create a story.
5. What advice would you give a writer who wanted to start writing their own book?
Go for it and write, write, write.  The more you write the more you’ll realize if it’s something you NEED to do.
6. How often do you eat cupcakes?
Any chance I can!
 – Me too!
7. What is your earliest cupcake memory?
I’m sure just like everyone else it’s a childhood birthday party. That’s the best thing about cupcakes…they remind you of happy memories and good times shared together.
8. What does the future hold for The Cupcakes Club?
We are growing bigger each day (thanks everyone!) and want to share wholesome, sweet fun with girls around the world. We have three books out and every week at we have contests and giveaways, updates on the characters from the book series, and posts about current events, fashion, and fun. We hope to inspire girls to celebrate being a girl and to enjoy this petite and sweet time in their lives. My goal would be for a young girl to grow up and when asked what their earliest cupcake memory was…they’ll think of The Cupcakes Club!
I really enjoy all of the contests that you do and I adore the books. To me The Cupcakes Club is even more than just great books, and fun contests. You also provide a safe place for young girls to fit in on the internet. As a mother of two young girls that is very priceless to me.
9. Your slogan is “The Cupcakes Club…girls with all the right ingredients.” What are all the right ingredients?
A Cupcakes girl believes in herself, dreams big, and inspires others to do the same.
 – That sounds like a winning recipe to me!
10. Members of The Cupcakes Club currently can receive club emails, and be a part of the online community. Do you plan on adding anything else to the club? A hotline perhaps?
We recently added a supercute “Make your own Membership card” to encourage girls to create their own Cupcakes Clubs at school or in their community. We’ve also discussed the ideas of dolls for the characters and having books and t-shirts available in department stores. It’s exciting to think about the future and The Cupcakes Club growing…maybe a Cupcakes movie??!
That would be so awesome! I can not wait to see what the future has in store for The Cupcakes Club.
Thank you Donna for letting me interview you! It was fun!
Please visit The Cupcakes Club if you would like more information.
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