Cupcake Costumes 2008 from TN

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Here is a collection of Cupcake Costumes from Halloween 2008. While I was making this post I discovered that all of these were from ladies living in TN! :)

Jen from Knoxville, TN sent us pictures of her Cupcake Costume…

Taylor from Nashville, TN sent us these photos of a costume she made minus her pink wig, pink striped tights and fabulous makeup.

And here she is on Halloween…

Here I am, your very own GreenEyedLillies, as a Hostess Cupcake. Not too bad for a last minute costume I guess. I live outside of Memphis, TN.

I saw a girl on Beale Street dressed up as a cupcake, but I did not get to take a picture of her. She was wearing a pink sweater with some sprinkles on it, and a mini skirt wrapped in aluminum foil.

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8 Responses to Cupcake Costumes 2008 from TN

  1. Melissa

    Wow! I love the cupcake costume! Great idea!

  2. Taylor

    I love that we are all from Tennessee! Southern girls are so sassy!

  3. Jenny


    How did you make your costume?

  4. Morgan

    Taylor, I really love that cupcake costume. I really want to know how to make that!

  5. Lacey Michele

    Taylor, please let us know how you made your cupcake! It’s the sexiest cupcake on the planet!!! :) I would LOVE to wear one like it this year.

  6. Jessica Lynn

    i’m from tennessee too! (and have a cupcake tattoo) you go girls! :)

  7. Lauren Hawkins

    You look absolutely stunning, dear! If you could, would you please give instructions on how you made it, that would make my day! I have fallen truly, madly, and deeply in love with that costume of yours!


  8. Hugo Pociask

    Is it my web browser or the internet website, but I can only see another half the post. How should I revise this?

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