Auction for Conner

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I am hosting an Auction for Conner this Saturday October 25th. 90% of the items are homemade by moms! I am donating a custom tutu set, and many other things. Since a large majority of the items are custom you can request things cupcake themed! :) All of the profits are going towards Conner’s surgery!

Here is a little bit of information about Conner…

Little Conner is in need of emergency surgery and unfortunately the only doctors who can deal with his case are in NY. This means that her insurance won’t cover the operation, because it is out of state. Conner has AVM or Arterio Venous Malformation if not treated it is deadly. The doctors say that he needs the surgery as soon as possible. His AVM is much worse than it typically can be and is progressing extremely fast.

Conner absolutely needs this surgery as soon as possible, the doctors say NO LATER than November.

Please visit Conner’s site, Keep Conner Smiling, for more information on the little guy.

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