Muddy’s Bake Shop

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Muddy’s Mission:
To delight people with delicious treats while being a good neighbor.

Why choose Muddy’s?

  • We believe in being a good neighbor.  We use natural ingredients, eggs from cage-free or free-range hens, and organic milk.  We recycle waste.
  • If you prefer your food all-organic or vegan, or have special dietary needs, Muddy’s does its best to accommodate you.

Who is this Muddy person?
“Muddy” was Kat’s maternal grandmother, Jayne Bond. She used to bake for friends and family and surprise them with her treats. Some of the recipes we use in the bake shop are hers and we know she would be pleased that people are still enjoying them.

How Muddy’s started
Look around Memphis, TN.  There is a real lack of bakeries serving old-fashioned, homestyle goodies.  Everything you see is either a “gourmet” dessert (still yummy) or a generic cake made with shortening and imitation flavors (not so yummy).

Please visit Muddy’s Bake Shop for more information.

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  1. Thomas

    I love Muddy’s. It is such a friendly place to go, and the treats make it impossible to leave empty handed!

  2. Tenesha Enman

    A pal encoraged me to check out this website, great post, interesting read… keep up the good work!

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