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Recently, I did an interview with Linny of Room Candy (who has the most adorable dog toys and can really pass for baby toys… don’t believe me?) Below are some of the cutest little toys I’ve ever seen and my daughter has a few of these and LOVES THEM. (click on the picture to go to it’s page)

They even have an owl!

Linny wrote up a nice little story about me, and I’d like to share it with you :)

You ever watch that show called Heroes? Well, I happen to know a real superhero living amongst us (more specifically, in sunny Florida), and her name is Jessica.

Unlike us mere mortals, Jessica has the supernatural ability to bend time and stretch it out so that she can on any given day be simultaneously: a mommy to a 1 1/2 year old daughter, a website designer with her own swanky company, a blogger to three very active blogs, and who knows what else she hasn’t told me yet!

Here’s Jessica’s little blond cutie having a very serious discussion about being green with our Freddie frog toys.

The princess and her loyal subjects!

I’m sure being a devoted mom to the Princess takes up the bulk of Jessica’s day, and yet she finds time to blog about her life as a wifey/mommy/techie on her mommy blog:

Come night time, Jessica dons on her tech head and designs website and blog designs via her company, Delicious Design Studios. If I were to try a similar feat, I would have probably named my company Sleep Deprived Inc.

True to its name, Jessica’s designs are simply digital yumminess. It’s hard to pin down her style of design, but what I’ve noticed is that Jessica leans toward happy girly colors (yay, pink!), and she could easily start another company designing scrapbook paper because many of her designs feature patterns that would look great as scrapbook paper. If you’re thinking about starting a blog or itching to update the look of your current site, this is the first site you need to check out because Jessica has a whole slew of ready made designs for the super impatient, and even a few freebie designs! For those of you who want something more customized, you’ll have to book your spot with Jessica quickly because a girl this talented is in very high demand. Last I checked, she’s taking on new customers for Spring ‘09.

Last but not least (I’m getting winded just writing down all the projects Jessica is involved in!), Jessica is the creator/editor/blogger for the super sweet site, I must warn you, this site is highly addictive, and although the site is technically calorie free, the side effects of reading through the posts about real cupcakes may include a sudden case of sweettoothiritis! What’s cool is that Jessica and her team of contributors also scour the net to find other accessories with cupcake designs (e.g. cupcake Xmas ornament, anyone?), so the site is really a directory of…well, all things cupcake!

I’m sure you are curious as I am as to what drives this supergal……

To read the interview, visit her blog!! and also visit

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  1. Ronnie Enyart

    I enjoy following heroes episodes, it came from boring to a fine tv series now. The first few episodes, I thought, its another xmen . But it turned out to be fun to watch, hope the new season will be aired soon.

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