Everyday is a Holiday Cupcake Ornaments

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Growing up, my family had a tradition that called for each family member choosing a new ornament each Christmas to represent the year about to pass. I have a ballerina from when I was four, a Lisa Simpson to represent the year I became a vegetarian and a Bettie Page for the year I spent in rounded bangs and saddle shoes.

Last year was the first time Tony and I had an apartment large enough for a small tree (silver tinsel, of course) and we kept the tradition alive with a train ornament for our son, and oragami ice cream, donuts and cupcake ornaments for me. (Keeping with tradition, Tony went unrepresented as he was generally quite uncooperative all year.)

This year, I still find myself obsessing over donuts, but I think I will be represented on our wee fake tree with these cupcake ornamets from Everyday is a Holiday. For only $36 you get four handmade cupcake ornaments, each backed with a vintage recipe, sweetly sparkly and hung with a candy pink ribbon. Packaged up like a precious parcel from your favorite old fashioned bakery, they’d be just as fun to find under the tree as hanging from the branches. Who needs gingerbread men, anyway?

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2 Responses to Everyday is a Holiday Cupcake Ornaments

  1. jenny holiday

    Oh you sweetheart!! Thanks bunches for the shout out!! Free shipping for you! Just remind me!! ;)

    xoxo Jenny

  2. GreenEyedLillies

    I love those cupcakes!

    My yearly tradition is to hang a current christmas picture of each of my daughters on the tree. Kinley, my six year old, loves to see how much she has changed and count how many pictures she has on the tree. :)

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