How to make vegan cupcakes for halloween

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Halloween is nearly here, and let’s face it: where any sort of party catering is concerned, we’ve all got a friend who is craftier, more talented in the kitchen and better able to work within limitations than we are. And in my case, that friend is a very gifted, amazingly arty and very creative…vegan.

Year after year, she puts me to shame on halloween with her dairy-free treats and each year I promise to myself that I’ll come up with something equally impressive next time. So, I’ve decided to start simple, and whip up some vegan halloween cupcakes that might just rival hers. I’ll be following a vegan recipe and decorating mine to look like these ones (including my favourite: the very simple yet effective ‘ghost’) made by vegan foodie extraordinaire Amy. Then I’ll posting the evidence here! [Via Crafty Crafty] – from Hippy Shopper & Crafty Crafty Tv

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