The VANILLA CUPCAKE PRINCESS 4 piece Halloween costume

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The VANILLA CUPCAKE PRINCESS 4 piece Halloween costume Currently on sale for $42.00

Have you ever wondered where the real sweetness and uniqueness comes from in each cupcake. When ever you leave your cupcakes alone, the cupcake princess appears and gives each cupcake its extra little touch and sweetness. She is so pretty.

This beautiful set was made with love and great detail. The tutu is a tutu halter halter dress with a added cherry on top! The tulle is top quality and soft and made with 150 yards of tulle. The tulle was made on an elastic band. The cherry has added sparkle for that extra pretty touch. The ribbon on the halter dress is a pretty pink satin. Attention to detail was placed in this entire set.

The headband can be made with a small, medium or large (as shown) cupcake size. The cupcake can also be added to a cotton head band if you would like. The cupcake is made of felt with cotton stuffing and a very thin cardboard so the cupcake is light and will not be top heavy. Sprinkles were sewn in with cotton thread, and a red cherry button was sewed on for the perfect touch. Fabric sparkle was placed all over the cupcake. Swarovski crystals were added and hotfixed on.

The wand was made of felt and the same details were added as the headband!

The set comes with cream or pink tights (your choice).

Available at Skeeter Bug Bows N More.

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