Cupcake Mini Storage

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Apartment Therapy New York brought these cute cupcake canisters to our attention. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Cupcake Mini Storage $16.00 each

Wetter Indochine Cupcake Bowl, Small

A new batch of cupcakes is expected to arrive in about 6 weeks and we are excited to offer you a sneak peek above of the new colors we will be getting! Reserve your quantities today, the cupcakes are now available to back-order!

Manufacturer: Wetter Indochine
Location: Vietnam

Even though you can’t eat them, these delectable bowls are just as sweet as the real thing. Removable lid and lacquer gloss finish. Not recommended for use with food.

Material: Traditional lacquer
Colors: In order according to swatches above
Lagoon, Angel Blue, Strawberry Cream, Gold Powder
Purple, Chocolate, Lemon, Orange, Red
Size: 3.5″h x 3.25″d

Available at Rose and Radish.

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  1. Jules

    Aggghhhh I want these SO BAD!!

  2. candace

    I love these. They are so cute and classic!

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