Nursing/Breastfeeding Pads

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Nursing/Breastfeeding Pads, Super absorbant, Eco Friendly in sweet cupcake print $3.00

These re-usable nursing pads are made of soft flannel and have four layers for super absorbency. I find them much more comfortable then disposable pads and they are so much better for the environment!

These come with an instruction card with washing instructions ready for gifting.

WHY FLANNEL: Flannel absorbs moisture and wicks it away from your body, unlike cotton which retains moisture and has no ability to draw away from your body. What this means for the nursing mother is that flannel has less chance of contributing to mastesis or other infections.

They can be thrown in the wash with your other clothing to clean and are internally stitched to help prevent any disfiguration. I double stitch all my work so they will last through many washings.

These are fully reversible with each side sporting the same image. Because they are fully reversible they are cute and comfortable on both sides so you don’t have to check to see if they are in the correct way. Just insert and nurse!

This is for one set (2) nursing pads.

Available at Modest Milk.

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