Bake & Destroy’s Classic Monster Cupcake Toppers & More.

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I can’t think of a better way to decorate your cupcakes for halloween (or anytime) than with Bake & Destroy‘s super creepy, super awesome Classic Monster Cupcake Toppers.

They are only $6.00 and for something handmade, unique, unable to find anywhere else, what a great deal.

I also love these Horror Poster Cupcake Toppers too.

Basically, Bake & Destroy is going to take over the world with her cupcake toppers and merch. To be a part of take over, get an awesome shirt (I have the shirt and the hoodie. Srsly.)

Last but not least, she featured a delicious Pumpkin Cupcake recipe on her blog last year, and I am tempted to try but, but like her, what the heck is cream sherry? Hm…

She says “I was really trying to avoid the cliche of pumpkin cupcakes in October, but the other day my mother-in-law bought grocery store cupcakes right in front of me! I almost protested but then I realized I hadn’t baked for the woman in ages. She loves pumpkin, as does my husband and I happened to have a can in my cupboard. This recipe is from 125 Best Cupcake Recipes by Julie Hasson.”

Get the recipe here.

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7 Responses to Bake & Destroy’s Classic Monster Cupcake Toppers & More.

  1. gina

    Those pumpkin cupcakes do look yummy! FYI: Cream sherry is a desert sherry- vanilla-ry flavor with a nutty after taste.

  2. C

    I have got to get my hands on those cupcake toppers for our Halloween party this year! Everything out is so kid-ish and thse are perfect for a cool older vibe of a party. I’m so excited!

  3. GreenEyedLillies

    Those are awesome! I would love to see some Hannibal Lecter ones! He’s my favorite!

  4. stephanie

    crap i have to order this too!!!

  5. Rach

    I made those pumpkin cupcakes last year and they were incredible! Maybe I should get myself down to the store and buy more pumpkin tonight?

  6. Lyns

    First I want to thank All things Cupcakes! This is where I found out about Bake and Destroy. All of us here in Canada love what she does. I think we first saw her minis and thought wow, awesome. I love her etsy shop and her ideas!
    Brilliant really. What I like the most is the age appeal, my Dad (a retired guy) just loves her halloween picks. We bought him a tee shirt … now we plan on buying him the horror flick picks. Thanks Bake and Destroy!!!!

  7. Brant Diab

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