Cities Cupcake Boutique in Knoxville TN

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Cities Cupcake Boutique in Knoxville TN

Cities Cupcake Boutique in Knoxville TN bakes up a variety of sweet and savory gourmet cupcakes. They use the freshest butter, cream cheese and high quality ingredients such as Valrhona French chocolate.

Their specialty Salty Cupcake Line appeals to those customers who enjoy savory tastes. The top ten flavors on the menu are Knoxville, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami, New Orleans, Orlando, New York, Cincinnati, Santa Fe, and Milwaukee.

Celebrate your corporate or personal gatherings with freshly baked, city themed flavor – Cities Cupcakes!  To add a personalized touch to your special event they can design custom flags to embellish your cupcakes. These special cupcake garnishes require advance ordering.

Cities Cupcake Boutique can create the cupcake wedding tower of your dreams. Imagine a cupcake tower, exquisitely decorated and in the flavor(s) of your choice. Brides and Grooms no longer have to choose only one flavor to share with guests on this important day.

Please visit Cities Cupcake Boutique for more information.

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9 Responses to Cities Cupcake Boutique in Knoxville TN

  1. April

    I live in Knoxville, and tried this bakery. They had a great selection, but were pricey and a box mix would have probably been better.

  2. Amanda

    I’ve been wanting to try them. I live in Knoxville, too! So they have more flavors than what is listed on their website?

  3. April

    the day that I was there, they only had about 8 flavors. I won’t go back to them. There is The Cupcakery right across the street from them. I haven’t tried them yet.

  4. anne

    The Cupcakery is soooo much better! The cupcakes from Cupcakery are moist, fresh and so delicious! I wouldn’t return to Cities Cupcakes because they are over priced and not fresh.

  5. jessica

    I don’t live in Knoxville, but I drove an hour for the worse cupcakes I have ever had. I really don’t care to pay 36 dollars for a dozen, but when the cupcakes are that bad wow you really think highly of your self. I don’t understand why you tried out for cupcake wars because you will be sent home in the 1st round with cupcakes like that they are dry the icing buttercream all you can taste is sugar. Please fix this they are horrible. I have been to culinary school and they wouldn’t serve anything like this…

  6. Lori

    I’m surprised at all this negative feedback. I just bought 1 and it was $3, but it was the best cupcake I’ve had in a LONG time. Red velvet, mmmm.

  7. marcia

    Wow, best cupcakes ever at Cities Cupcake ! It makes a difference when there is REAL butter in the icing. I love the diversity of flavors. The made from scratch Pumpkin Spice Cupcake is soooooo good. Of course who doesnt like Caramel so choose that one often. Thank you genuinely frliendly team at Cities. You work with my special orders so well. Guess I just like it there.

  8. Lydia

    Whenever I come to town I go To Cities for the best cupcakes. I work in Oak Ridge occassionally and the crew there demands some imported Cupcakes from Cities each visit. I stay in Knoxville for the visit so there is NO excuse not to bring some in. My daughter likes the Paris cause it’s pink, but the Strawberry flavor cake and icing is so tasty. Of course all the Chocolate goes over. We just get lots of different flavors and cut them up so we all get some of each. The baker says they use the same chocolate that Godiva uses. Valrhona !!!!!!

  9. gary jr and norma dowdell

    We live in Cincinnati and every time we pass through Knoxville we load up on the cupcakes!!!!!!! The many varieties never disappoint.

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