Buttercup Bake Shop

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Buttercup Bake Shop

In August 1999 Buttercup Bake Shop opened in midtown Manhattan. Since its opening, the bakery has experienced outstanding success with its line of old fashioned American desserts and inviting ambiance.

After years of outstanding success in midtown Manhattan, Buttercup Bake Shop launched a second store on the Upper West Side in 2006. Buttercup’s classic American desserts continue to be enjoyed by New Yorkers of all kinds, including Martha Stewart, Al Roker, and Senator Hilary Clinton, amongst others. Jennifer has appeared on The Today Show several times, and Buttercup Bake Shop has been featured on MTV, Fox, CNN and more, as well as in the romantic novel A Match Made on Madison by Dee Davis.

Please visit Buttercup Bake Shop for it’s menu, locations, and directions.

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2 Responses to Buttercup Bake Shop

  1. Lacey Bean

    I just had some for a coworkers birthday last week… they’re soooo yummy!

  2. I heart cupcakes

    I miss Buttercup Cupcakes – can’t wait to be in NY in March so I can eat LOADS of them :)

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