strawberry matcha cupcake

By on September 11th, 2008 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

strawberry matcha cupcake, originally uploaded by bunbunlife.

I want these!

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2 Responses to strawberry matcha cupcake

  1. Ambrosia

    Where’s the recipe??????

  2. bunbun

    Hi This is bunbun, I took this photo. The recipe is a basic white cake recipe, with two TB or so matcha (i make a paste with a little water, this tends to mix easier, I use a lot of matcha, but I think the recommend is 2 TB) For the frosting, all I used was stiff whip cream, more matcha, and powdered sugar to taste. I am not big on really sweet, so I add a little at a time. I used a frosting gun and the whipped cream lasted about 3 days. Then I topped with a strawberry.
    Thank you so much for using my photo, how exciting!

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