Cupcake’s Car Wash

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Cupcake's Car Wash

Cupcake’s Car Wash offers the latest and most up to date equipment in automatic car washing services 24 HOURS A DAY and accepts major credit cards at our facilities. The touchless laser wash uses the latest technologies to fully measure the width and length of each vehicle to give you the best optimum wash. This means that each and every wash is tailored to your vehicles dimensions and provides the best possible spraying distance for any vehicle. This advanced environment also makes for a scratch free experience which gives you confidence when entering our bays with your vehicle. Every wash boasts a 2-stage soap cycle ensuring that all dirt, grime, and road grease is removed from every inch of your vehicle with the use of Blue Coral products.

Cupcake’s Car Wash has a location in Marquette, Michigan and in Ishpeming, Michigan in the Country Village.

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