It’s a small cupcake world, after all.

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I just had to share a quick funny note and explain just how small this world is when cupcakes are involved.

The other day, one of All Things Cupcake’s contributors wrote a post about an adorable car she saw with the license plate that said CUPCKES.

She randomly found it while driving around and thought it was too cute not to post. Well turns out, the owner of the car and the license plate reads All Things Cupcake and left a comment on the post! She said:

Hey! That’s my car! I check this blog daily and how surprised was I to see my car on it this morning?!? I live in Chandler and am starting my own cupcake business, I even have a blog of my own. I love checking your blog to see what new and fun cupcake ideas are out there. Thanks for the inspiration!

By Tania on 09.08.08 1:10 pm

Small world. :)

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2 Responses to It’s a small cupcake world, after all.

  1. Cyndi

    Ain’t that somethin! Would you mind sharing the addy for her cupcake blog?

  2. Mega-Doodle Inspired

    This site rocks! I LOVE cupcakes! I had cupcakes at my baby shower! And my dad had cupcakes at his wedding! I made this freebie action in honor of the wedding!

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