Ask ATC: Colored Muffin Cups

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I was just wondering if you guys know where I could find dark purple or black muffin cups/cupcake liners/whatever they’re called! i’m from Canada and am having a hard time finding them in stores or even on the internet!



If anybody knows, please leave your response in a comment.

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13 Responses to Ask ATC: Colored Muffin Cups

  1. marilla

    They have them, I don’t know if they ship to Canada though, but its worth a shot.

    They also have fancy black and purple ones, that are a bit pricier.

  2. Karen

    Hello! I too have tried to find just black cups to no avail. There are a lot of black with gold around though. Purple cups can be found at

  3. summer strickland

    I actually just had to search ALL over the internet it seamed for Black cupcake liners….I needed 600 of them.

    Anyways there was a seller on ebay that sold them (I actually cleaned her out but she said she was getting more in Sept or Oct some time). I will give the info below for her.

    Also when you find cupcake liners….make sure they are standard size and not the mini….I did find some other black cupcake liners but they were mini….

    Also while researching black cupcake liners online I was told to try local party stores during halloween and also in the Over the Hill section. I didn’t have time to do that but you might want to try a local party store

    ebay seller –

    It says they are mini cupcake liners but according to the size in inches she is giving I think they are standard size…just ask her she will tell you and she is very nice to work with

  4. Erin

    I am also having this issue with solid brown cupcake liners for my chocolate cupcakes. I have done a TON of searching on the Internet to no avail. I, too, am starting my own cupcake business and need a ton. Any ideas? Thx.

  5. summer strickland

    This company has brown cupcake liners


  6. sandy barnes

    Cupcake Swirl has sleeves of brown but not black. 600come in a package. Hope this helps.

  7. Lyns

    Still available in my store approx 10 tubes of 100 of the black.

  8. Lyns

    We also have the dark purple, the red, orange, violet blue, brown, yellow. Black goes quick quick at this time of year so check us out early.

  9. Christie

    There are black cupcake liners listed on Ebay under seller name: trippingbillies5

  10. Shannon

    I sell black cupcake liners in quanitites of 50 and 100 for very good prices. There are other patterns and colors as well!

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  12. Zainab

    I have the same issuse but i don’t know if this company supplies goods where I live. But it might help you.They have some really good cupcake liners and other stuff.

  13. Zainab

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