Cupcakes For A Cause

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By Nicole Papageorge

PUNTA GORDA – One local business owner is raising money for Louisiana hurricane victims in a very unconventional way. But, her contributions are made in a very conventional oven.

Owner Cindee Murphy of Pies and Plates hopes to give away thousands of cupcakes this week in return for hurricane relief donations.

"We just have so much empathy for the folks there," says Murphy

Murphy’s business was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Charley in 2004.

"It looked like a tornado had come through, but it was a hurricane," says Murphy.

Later this month, she’ll testify before Congress about creating tax-free disaster funds for owners like herself.

"Having immediate funds available is just critical for us to take care of our staff and business," she says.

Her customers remember her struggle and are supporting her efforts.

"We know too well what the damage occurs when a hurricane comes through ur community," says Claudia Sanchez.

Knowing that someone will be there with sweet relief, makes all the difference.

"The help of everybody in the community that’s what gets you through really, that’s what gets you through," says Sanchez.

You can donate all week at Pies and Plates or through your local American Red Cross chapter.

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