This Just IN! Target’s $1 Bin!!!

By on August 27th, 2008 . Filed under: Accessories, News .

An e-mail from one of our readers, Diane!

“You may have covered it before I found your blog, but at our local (Jonesboro, Arkansas) Target in the $1 bins, they have a line of products—lotion, body butter, body wash, lip gloss, note pads, eye mask, brush, etc., that feature cupcake artwork and have flavors called strawberry swirl, coconut crème, vanilla sprinkles and raspberry something (can’t remember).

They are just a dollar each, and I’ve given work friends the strawberry and vanilla, which they love. I love the coconut”

oh yes yes yes. I <3 Target. Always giving us the cupcake goodies!!! If anyone goes to target, and purchases these items.. PLEASE send us some pictures!

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4 Responses to This Just IN! Target’s $1 Bin!!!

  1. Kira

    I sent you guys a picture of the stuff I bought.

  2. kat

    Target in my area (Pembroke Pines, FL) is having 50% or 75% off selected items their $1 bin and they have a cupcake magnet notepad for 25 cents!!

    Thought you would like that!

  3. Jerusha

    Hey, Kat:

    I would love to run down some of that cupcake stuff from your Target. I’m throwing my soon-to-be one year old a cupcake birthday. I’m trying to get some favors for the party. My Target had some a while back, but is not carrying any of it anymore.

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