2008 Miss American Cupcake Winner!

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, the votes have been recalculated. Your 2008 Miss American Cupcake Winner is…

FLORIDA – Lime Cupcakes with Mango Buttercream!

This delectable recipe was submitted by Marta of Sugar Crush Cupcakes.

For the cake:

  • A basic vanilla cupcake recipe or boxed vanilla cake
  • 1 large lime

For the Frosting:

  • 2 sticks softened butter
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 6+ cups powdered sugar
  • 1 ripe mango
  • 1 lime

Prepare the cupcakes as directed for your basic vanilla cupcake recipe.  Add the zest and juice of a whole lime (if avaliable Key Limes can be used here) to the prepared batter and fold in until it is incorporated.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until a tester comes out clean.  Remove from oven and allow to cool.    While the cupcakes are cooling peel and dice one whole mango (about 1 cup).  Place the mango in a saucepan and add the juice of 1 lime.  On medium heat cook this down until the mango has become soft (stiring with a whisk helps this along), about 7-10 minutes.  When the mango peices have all broken down in the pot, transfer to a food processer and blend until smooth.  Set aside and allow to cool.   In a large bowl beat the softened butter until smooth.  Add two cups of the powdered sugar and beat until smooth.  Then add two more cups and beat until smooth.  Then add the milk and vanilla and two more cups of powdered sugar.  Once that is blended and smooth, add the cooled mango puree and blend.  Add more powdered sugar to reach the desired consistency.  Place frosting in a piping bag with a tip and frost the cooled cupcakes.  Decorate with a slice of lime.

Congrats from all of us here at All Things Cupcake, and thanks to all that participated!

2008 Miss American Cupcake Winner

Photo of Marta with her prize basket.

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22 Responses to 2008 Miss American Cupcake Winner!

  1. tricia-rennea


  2. tricia-rennea

    Oh, and congratulations

  3. Heather

    Yea! That was my NUMBER ONE favorite!!

  4. Mox Rogers

    What happened?

  5. Candace

    A cupcake made from a box won?

  6. Tattooed Mama

    Candace (aka me) – This recipe came in second place. If the original winner had not stole someone else’s recipe and photos, she would have easily been first place winner but because we have to go by the rules, it was only fair that MIAMI became the winner.

    She says you can use a simple cupcake recipe or a boxed cake mix. It’s not the end of the world if someone uses a boxed cake mix in the recipe ya know?

  7. SuperWife

    Unfortunately, the individual who posted the initial winning cupcake used the recipe AND photos without the owner’s consent. We did not feel that it was fair for someone to have won a contest when they had no claim to either the recipe or the photos.

  8. GreenEyedLillies

    The public voted. Miami was first runner up. In pageants…if the one crowned can not full her duties the runner up will take the winners place.

    In this case the winner did not become pregnant, get a DUI…they just lied, cheated, and stole someone else’s work.

    It’s called following the rules, and being respectful of other people and their own work.

  9. GreenEyedLillies

    Congrats Miami.
    You are gorgeous, and tasty looking!

  10. Candace

    I know. I could have sworn that the origional winner’s photo looked like it came from a magazine. I know it’s not the end of the world but I personally would not have entered a box recipe in a contest. I guess there’s two schools of thought though, the “always home made” vs. the “why reinvent something that works fine” group.
    Congrats though!

  11. SuperWife

    I’m not a boxed mix fan, but I’m vegan so it’s pretty much never an option. HOWEVER…. I don’t think the cake is the star of this recipe- the extravagant and detailed mango buttercream frosting is! :)

  12. Jess

    That cupcake is beautiful!!!!!! and that delicious frosting… omg. Give me that.

  13. Marta

    First of all I want to say thank you to everyone that voted for my cupcake and state.

    To clear the record, I do NOT use boxed cake mixes and did not use one in the creation of this cupcake. However, in the spirit of accessibility, I included in my recipe the possibility of using a boxed cake mix. It was my intention to submit a cupcake that anyone could make. Since the highlight of this cupcake, the frosting already had a few steps, I suggested the use of a boxed mix in order to keep things attainable and not discourage a beginning baker. I do hope many of you get to try this very yummy recipe.

    To all the lovely ladies of All Things Cupcake: thank you for promoting, supporting, educating and celebrating all of us in the “cupcake kingdom!”

  14. Sonia

    Well said Sugar Crush!
    Congratulations and best of luck in your business. You are very creative and have a good taste to bake and to write.

  15. Chamberlaine

    I have no hard feelings and agree that these cupcakes do look good and are very relevant to the State. I mean, come on, Key Limes, florida… awesome!

    I just wanted to say that I DID NOT steal, lie, or cheat.
    It was stated in the rules that the recipe did not have to be our own, and being very new to the blogging community (and because it did not say in the rules that the pictures had to be originals) I was not aware of the fact that I would be reprimanded by not using my own photos.
    I even emailed the owner later to fully apologize and she said that it was okay, but that I should be more careful, which I assure you, I will forever be.

    I am very sorry for causing such a ruckus, but I feel a bit disappointed that I am being labeled as a terrible person. Like I said, I am new, and I have relied heavily on this site as a source, and I’ve loved it, but I don’t feel welcome at all.

    and by the way, Marta, a huge congratulations, and I ADORE the fact that you tweaked your recipe to make it easier for bakers! Such a small step makes it easier for those of us who are baking on the fly, like us college students. I hope you really enjoy the prize, it looked like a great prize!

  16. All Things Cupcake

    I agree when I say that Chamberlaine did not submit the photos and recipe on purpose thinking it would be such an issue. For those starting out in the blogging world, there is a lot to learn, especially when it comes to other people’s property. I do also admit that the rules weren’t very clear and we had assumed that everyone would understand to submit, at the very least, their own photos. It was with the best of intentions that Chamberlaine submitted both.

    We, at All Things Cupcake, just had to be fair for the sake of all involved.

    Congrats to Marta for the win and Thanks to all who were involved.

  17. Natalie

    Congrats, Marta! Great job!

  18. Clara

    You go girl!!! Congratulations and best of luck Miami!!

  19. danny

    im more of a cookie guy myself.

  20. Kira

    Congrats! Those looks so refreshing to eat! :) Great flavor!

  21. Mari

    Congratulations Marta.
    You deserve the prize. You’ve worked very hard to create your own, and you are doing it. The cupcakes, the cakes, the cookies, they are all delicious. Good luck with your business darling.

  22. jeka


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