Mini Cuppington the Cupcake Ring

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Mini Cuppington the Cupcake Ring

Mini Cuppington the Cupcake Ring $75.00

I’ve been dying to make Cuppington as a ring for months, but never could find the time! I’m so happy I had a recent customer request one, because of course I could find the time then!

Here he is….a tiny tiny cupcake approx 0.5 inches in size!!
**Details: Hand-cut with tiny saw, filed, sanded, soldered.
Brass bottom, sterling silver icing, and brass cherry on top!
Tumbled for shine and cute as ever :-)

The ring band is made from sturdy but delicate looking sterling wire made in your size.

Please tell me your size when ordering and I’ll make him custom just for you!

Please allow up to 2 weeks for this ring-time intensive as small as he is!! Well worth the wait!

Available at Metal Sugar.

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