Cupcake – Just in Case

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Cupcake - Just in Case

Cupcake – Just in Case $22.00


Go ahead, take a bite, you know you want to! We just can’t escape the demand for this sweet treat, a cupcake with creamy white frosting and a little pink cherry. Dig in!

You know all that little stuff that you always need to get to 500 times a day? Well, stick it all in one of these and no more rummaging around your cavernous bag for what you need.

Each one comes equipped with a durable zipper with a handy ring-pull that makes it easy to grab and open/close.

Three styles to choose from.

Size: 7″ wide x 4″ high x 1″ deep

Built by hand in Portland, Oregon, of high quality, non-leather vinyl.

Available at Queen Bee Creations.

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