My Cup Runneth Over With Cake

By on August 6th, 2008 . Filed under: Clothing .

Thanks to our readers, Lisa & Meghan for sending this to us.
Cupcake t-shirt featured on Woot!

We were all so excited when I planted that cupcake tree in the backyard. Because hey, free cupcakes! But nobody warned us about the bugs. Nothing can kill a cupcake experience like a mouthful of grubs.
This shirt was designed by: cheesesandwich, having dessert.
Wear this shirt: if you’re doing some sort of “Biggest Loser” competition with your co-workers. How can anybody look at this shirt and not crave cupcakes?
Don’t wear this shirt: and then look in the mirror, though. Its power is too strong! The tempter shall become the temptee!
This shirt tells the world: “I told you that I like those cupcakes, cousin.”
We call this color: Black Icing.

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