Sugar Slam!

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“Every one is a closet wrestling fan,” says WWE heavyweight champ CM Punk. Maybe Monday Night Raw is your secret shame, or maybe you wear it loud and proud. Perhaps you hate it, but you have a boyfriend, husband, brother or best friend who can’t live without his/her weekly dose of manly soap opera. Whatever the case, like it or not, you know a little something something about “sports entertainment.” Over at Bake & Destroy I’m challenging you to tap into that side of you- the one that longs to clothesline everyone in front of you in line at the bakery to get the last cupcake. Your mission: create an amazing wrestling-themed dessert item. The payoff: a one-of-a-kind Bake & Destroy photo book autographed by the champ himself, CM Punk.

The rules are posted on the blog, so I won’t bore you with them twice. I hope by posting here I get a lot of fabulous cupcake entries, I’m trying my hardest to be fair but you know I have a soft spot for cupcakes and Roddy Piper. (Oh, and forget about Punk’s vote- he hates frosting!)

It’s cool to use someone else’s recipe as long as you credit them when you enter, but the photo you submit must be your own shot of your own decorating job. (I doubt there are many Macho Man Randy Savage cupcake photos floating around the web, but you never know.) Check the blog for all the details and good luck!

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  1. M.

    they’ve finally made one of my favorite foods-chocolate cupcakes-into a candle?! life is good :) thanks for sharing this!

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