Chocolate Raspberry

By on July 29th, 2008 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

Chocolate Raspberry, originally uploaded by sugarcrushmiami.

Sugar Crush Miami

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22 Responses to Chocolate Raspberry

  1. Marta

    Thank you for sharing another one of my cupcakes; I really appreciate it.

  2. Lauren

    That sounds and looks delicious!

  3. Jose

    Mmmmm, Chocolate Raspberry…DOH!

  4. Damaris

    SOO delicious and devilishly tempting!!!

  5. Ralph

    This looks so Yummy

  6. Prof

    Looks and sounds delicious! yum!

  7. Sonia

    Although I don’t like raspberry, the cup cake looks and sounds like it would be delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Vannette

    I have to say that this is one of my favorite combinations…Chocolate and raspberry. Yummy!

  9. cris

    This looks raspbelishious. The colors are fabulous.
    One of my favorites.

  10. Mary

    Please make me two dozen “just for me”

  11. Mary

    What a great combination Chocolate Raspberry…

  12. chucky

    I can’t wait to try your new creation. It is very tempting.

  13. Javi

    I’ve been keeping up with all your cupcakes, but this one looks super and delicious…

  14. lisita

    Tata, it looks delicious. Wow, another hit from the oven.

  15. Carla

    You have a way with colors and decorations my friend.
    Cholocate Raspberry’s my thing!

  16. margie

    Go girl! you did it again. It looks like one of the best cupcakes you have made. The combination of Choc-raspberry’s one of the best.

  17. IRMA

    Martha, you have a way with new creation. Just like the other cupcakes you have done, but this one is the winner. Chocolate and Raspberry (GREAT COMBINATION)

  18. Sadye

    Just send me a box of those scrumtious Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes. I know they have to be fat-free right?

  19. Karla

    The moment I saw your new creation I knew it had to be good. Looks mouth-watering!!!!

  20. Priscilla

    Tata, what a beautiful looking cupcake. It probably tastes even better than it looks.

  21. Gloria

    Beautiful as always, and looks delicious!!!!

  22. Phyllis

    Two of my favorite flavors!!!I want to eat it…

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