Bake & Destroy Interview w/ Cakespy!

By on July 27th, 2008 . Filed under: Interviews .

Wooo! Check out this awesome interview with Natalie of Bake & Destroy (One of our kick ass contributors). Cakespy’s interviews are always so fun and entertaining!

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5 Responses to Bake & Destroy Interview w/ Cakespy!

  1. angel

    omw i want one of those cookie jars!!!

  2. Matin

    Great site, love coming back and checking your new posts:-)
    X M

  3. Cakespy

    All of the cake gumshoes are like, totally in love with Natalie–she was so fun to interview!!

  4. Megan

    mm i’ve always loved the chocolate + orange combination. I remember those chocolate oranges that you could buy in the store and they actually separated into wedges…ah, anywho. I’m definitely going to have to check into these!

  5. tara

    She is very entertaining to read about, isn’t she?

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