Vote for the 2008 Miss American Cupcake

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Notice to the oversea-ers, we will be having a Miss World Cupcake coming up soon. Don’t feel left out.  


Voting ends on Sunday, get your vote in.. but please, before you vote, read the rules.


How to Vote: Please vote by leaving a comment to this post. Vote for your top 3 favorite cupcakes, and you may vote only one time per person. The top 5 overall will move on to the next round. Put the State AND the name of the cupcake when you vote. There are more than one entery for a few of the states! ;) Comments that are only voting for one cupcake will be deleted.  ATTENTION ON COMMENTING & VOTING: ONLY ONE COMMENT IS ALLOWED PER IP ADDRESS. Comments that are only voting for one cupcake will be deleted. Please read the voting rules before voting! Thanks :)

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5 Responses to Vote for the 2008 Miss American Cupcake

  1. Morris

    1. Texas- Precious Moments
    2. California- Strawberrilicious
    3. Texas- Precious Moments

  2. GreenEyedLillies

    I am not going to count votes where people only voted for the same cupcake over and over.
    I will not count votes where people only voted for one cupcake.

    Each person can only vote one time for 3 cupcakes…3 different cupcakes.

  3. All Things Cupcake

    Any vote that is not accurate will be deleted. We want to make it fair for everything. This being said, vote for 3 cupcakes. 3 of your favorite. If you vote for 3 of the same, the vote will not be counted.

    Previous votes that do not follow under these rules will be deleted as well. :) We want everyone to have a fair chance.

  4. Michelle Michel

    #1 FL-Mango lime cupcake-yum!
    #2 TX Caramel Apple–too cute
    #3 CA Strawberrilicious- sweet!

  5. Gregory Despain

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