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This is one of my favorite things about All Things Cupcake, featuring wonderful people who love cupcakes just as much as we do. I couldn’t think of a more perfect person to interview than Matt Armendariz, Photographer: &  food blogger: .

I remember finding Matt on Martha Stewart’s website and thinking, wow.. what have I been missing! The photography was amazing and the food.. well.. mouth was definitely watering. The first post I read was The Tattooed Latke Maker Gives In and have been going back ever since. How could you not with photos like this:

At one time, Matt mentioned his love for cupcakes to me in an e-mail and I just had to do an interview. So let’s begin, shall we?

Hi Matt! First, I feel that I should start this interview by saying…… I have a confession, I have never had a sprinkles cupcake. What am I missing?
Oh no, I’m afraid I’ll open the Sprinkles-Vs-Other Cupcake argument here. What I can tell you is this: Sprinkles’ packaging, presentation and retail space is impeccable. As a designer and art director I appreciate that. Plus their seasonal Cherry Cupcake cannot be beat. I’ve had better Red Velvet, though.

When you mentioned red velvet & vanilla to me, I just knew you were a fan.

Seriously, who doesn’t like cupcakes? I know there are detractors and haters, but I know they secretly love them. They have to.

A world without cupcakes is __________.

Angry and confused.

You started your food blog a little over two years ago, have you ever written about cupcakes?

I’ve written about them in passing but have never focused on them exclusively. I was a very early Sprinkles adopter and felt that was good enough for me. Besides, it’d be very easy for me to obsess over cupcakes and ignore everything else. If that ever happens please watch out. Expandable waistlines will ensue.

Moving from Texas to California, was it a big culture shock? I am originally from California and had moved to Tennessee 5 years ago. I honestly felt like I had gone through a time machine back to 1995.

I think I know exactly how you feel. For some reason I never felt completely at home in Texas, even though I’m still super proud to be a Texan. California has been my home long before I ever got here. Even as a child I’ve had ties to California, whether they were from relatives or family vacation. Plus both my parents had spent time in California growing up and I’ve always known I would end up here. I never thought California would be so good to me, though!

Do you think that there is a huge cupcake craze going on right now in Los Angeles?

It’s actually been going on for years; right when I think it’s hit a point of mega oversaturation another shop opens up. I love my cupcakes but it is frustrating.
Still, I eat them regularly!

It seems like celebrities love their cupcakes more now, than ever before. Why is that?

Because you can indulge in small quantities and also because with cupcakes presentation is everything. It’s absolutely everything. Just like celebrity.

How does your blog relate to your everyday life?

It’s certainly an extension of me. At first it was a place to fit in the stories and tidbits that didn’t have a home, now it’s what keeps me sane and connected to so many people.

As a self proclaimed "man obsessed with food and drink…" where do cupcakes fit in?

I have two very distinct food loves: salty and sweet. It’s the sweet part that must be controlled with the greatest amount of restraint. I’m chubby already, I could easily add an extra dozen pounds if I didn’t watch what I ate. So because of this cupcakes are always special treats for me. I treat them with the greatest amount of respect.

OK, lets get real here. What’s the best part? Frosting or cake?

I knew you would ask this! It’s really tough. I want to say it’s the frosting but even marginally acceptable frosting is ok if the cake is worth it. So yea, it’s the cake. Cake all the way, baby.

Do you have any food related tattoos, or any tattoos that specifically relate to your career?

I have no food related tattoos other than the vine of grapes and grape leaves that run down my left arm. My tattoos they don’t necessarily relate to my career.

Would you ever get a cupcake tattoo?

Sure, but it’d have to be the perfect illustration.

The perfect cupcake would be not too sweet, a touch of zest, creamy, dense, with the perfect crumb.

Food is love, cupcakes are the kisses on your eyelids and forehead before you fall asleep from someone you love.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, if you’d like.

Oh, I’m just a goofball who can’t seem to relax. But I’m a goofball who loves you and thanks you for this interview!

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  2. tricia-rennea

    Great interview!
    I must say, I prefer frosting myself, we all have our preference.

  3. flickrlovr

    Great interview Jess :)

    He’s a funny guy! I’m heading to check out his site right after this (and I’ll assuredly get hooked, it looks yummy).

    I just checked out ATC for the first time last week, and love it! I really want to start baking and cooking more this summer, and your site inspired me to try some cupcake-makin’ first. I got a book from the library called ‘Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World’ (nice title, eh?) and I’m going to try some of their recipes next week! I’m excited.

  4. gina

    Great interview. i prefer which ever is the better on the specific cupcake I’m eating- I have yet to eat one where the cake and frosting were equally matched.

  5. Tattooed Mama

    This was such a fun fun interview! Matt is awesome.

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