A few extra days to enter the Miss American Cupcake Contest

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Last chance to enter! Hurry up and submit those cupcakes! I am extending the deadline to July 14th. We never got all 50 states…or even 50 cupcakes. You can go ahead and send in a cupcake to be entered even if your state already has a cupcake entered! I am currently working out the kinks in the voting process and preparing the contestants for your votes.

Please submit your favorite cupcake, it’s baker, recipe, pictures of the cupcake, and contact info to us at All Things Cupcake. We are looking for the tastiest, best looking, most creative cupcakes out there. If the cupcake lends itself to the location it’s from, that’s even better! It’s like Miss America…but with cupcakes! ;)

 Only one cupcake will receive the overall title and prize pack. The contest is open to anyone who makes cupcakes. The prize pack will be a basket full of cupcake themed goodies and items.

Send an e-mail to: allthingscupcake@gmail.com

The cupcake does not have to be sweet…it can be savory. Please choose a cupcake that best represents the place it’s from.

Please spread news about this pageant to everyone you know who loves to bake, or just loves cupcakes. This could be a fun experiment, or project for a lot of you. Bakeries are allowed to enter!

Good Luck,

If you live outside of the United States stay tuned…we are having a Miss World Cupcake contest too! :) Be on the look out starting in August!

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