Cupcake Help!

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We often get emails where you guys need some cupcake help. I have decided that it would be most helpful to post some of your questions here.

Q- I am baking two cakes for the party on Sunday and want to use butter cream but its going to be 85 out and I do not want a big puddle of icing on the cakes.

Anyone know a good buttercream recipe that holds up great in the heat?

Nicole from Illinois

If you have a question, please submit it to Please title your email “Cupcake Help!” Thanks! :)

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2 Responses to Cupcake Help!

  1. Pinky

    I find swiss meringue butter cream to be pretty heat tolerant. has a really yummy recipe

  2. Julia

    I have had great luck with Wilton’s Cupcake buttercream frosting ( I used this as an emergency replacement after making buttercream out of butter and frosting was a big puddle of goo. This recipe saved the day!

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