Ceramic Cupcake Cups from Circa Ceramics!

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Woah, it’s been a while, huh? Well, I’m back and I’m bearing pretty awesome news. Circa Ceramics, a Chicago-based ceramics team, fired me these amazing Bake and Destroy baking bowls and asked me to master the art of baking in ceramic vessels. I’m happy to report all went well and I’ll be posting a how-to video which will also include a recipe I developed just for Nancy and Andy- Ceramics Ceramics Cannoli Cupcakes. That’s right, the Quad-C.

No word yet on whether or not Bake and Destroy bowls will be made available to the public, but keep an eye on the CC Etsy shop for other baking vessels and dinnerware. You really can’t appreciate how beautiful their work is until you’ve picked it up and held it, but I’m sureĀ  this post will get some comments from faithful customers of theirs.

With all the green-this and eco-friendly- that what could be greener than reusable cupcake baker-inners? And what could make for a fancier presentation? Like I said, I’ll give you the recipe and all the ins and out of baking in ceramics in my video this week end. If you’re just dying to hear me talk you can watch my stupid “nutritious cupcakes” video I made for one of my classes.

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2 Responses to Ceramic Cupcake Cups from Circa Ceramics!

  1. Tattooed Mama

    that looks soooo good. is that whipped cream on top?

  2. Natalie

    Oops. I just noticed this comment. It’s Italian meringue buttercream, which is totally bad for you but oh-so-worth it.

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