Make your own cupcake checks!

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I have been looking for cupcake checks for months! Well I finally had a brillant idea…instead of upload pictures of yourself, or your kids…upload cupcakes!!!

Cupcake Check

Unique Checks 

Unique Checks Rotating Series—Now available in Wallet and Side Tear formats!Have more than one favorite photo? Now you can submit up to 4 photos to be featured on your Unique Checks Rotating Series. It’s like carrying a mini photo album with you everywhere!


Order a Unique Pack and save $15!
Purchase 1 box of Unique Checks Rotating Series, a set of Unique Labels and a Unique Cotton Checkbook Cover and receive $15 off your order.

Wallet Single:   1 box Just $19.95
Wallet Duplicate:   1 box Just $21.95
Side Tear Single:   1 box Just $19.95
Side Tear Duplicate:   1 box Just $21.95


Available at Unique Products.

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