Neapolitan Cupcakes – Blake Makes

By on June 6th, 2008 . Filed under: Recipes .

While perusing Blake Makes, I stumbled upon the Neapolitan cupcakes he made. They look delish!

So to celebrate the upcoming warm weather and ice-cream fests, I made Neapolitan Cupcakes! These cupcakes are a combination of two different flavored cake batters, and another flavored frosting in the flavors of Neapolitan ice-cream – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

I made my cupcakes with vanilla cake batter and chocolate cake batter, and a strawberry flavored frosting. You can make them with any combination you prefer – chocolate and strawberry cake batter with vanilla frosting, or strawberry and vanilla cake batter with chocolate frosting…

To make the cupcakes, you can basically use any vanilla or chocolate cake recipes you like. I used the Vanilla Cupcake recipe from the Magnolia Bakery for the vanilla batter, and my favorite vegan chocolate cake recipe for the chocolate batter.

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